The event ID 813 indicates that the Windows CSP policy is applied on Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. The Intune policy setting is based on an integer value. The 813 event ID also indicates that this policy setting is successfully applied on the client PCs. Intune User-based policy’s registry path is a bit different from the one that we have for devices. More details are available at Intune User Policy Troubleshooting Tips For Prevent Changing Theme.

  • Seeing this error could very well mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server and you should typically close the site immediately.
  • Therefore it’s extremely important to keep the Registry in top form by cleaning all the junk …
  • Some applications provide more than just Windows registry cleaner, you can opt for it if you need one.

With all these additions and deletions, your registry may become corrupt and filled with useless information that the operating system no longer needs. If this is not corrected soon than you may end up with a system that is unable to even boot up properly. PC Cleaner allows you to perform a full diagnostic scan of your registry and show you where the problems are and then fix those problems with the click of a button.

The process will scan for the programs, apps, files that will be affected due to this process. BSOD errors have been a nightmare for Windows users. Microsoft first witnessed these errors in Windows 3.0 and continued seeing them until Windows 10, meaning that blue screen errors have been around for more than a decade. Over the years, BSOD errors kept changing in one way or another, but they kept appearing , creating a menace for Windows users. Give the following command to restore the original registry files from the “backupold” folder, and then reboot your PC.

How do you reset the registry?

However, if the manual methods are too technical for you, go for the bonus solution — EaseUS Partition Master. With this automatic tool, you can seamlessly fix and optimize your disk. Comes with MBR & GPT converter for easy disk conversion. Now, you have to restart your computer, and you will get rid of all the unnecessary registry items.

It is more likely that the registry also accumulates some errors in it. These errors make the PC slow and you get frequent error massages. So, it is very important that you fix Windows registry errors with a registry cleaner for better computing experience. You can take help from third-party registry cleaner tools to clean registry in Windows 10.

Time zone Mismatch Error

Increasing the log size is a good idea because disk space is cheap. When a log fills up, the system stops writing events to the log until it empties. To configure overwrite settings, select Log, Log Settings from the main menu. Select the log from the drop-down list, set the log size, and select the overwrite frequency, as Screen 3, page 206, shows. If you want to stop the log from overflowing, select Overwrite Events as Needed. If you are in a secure environment and do not want the log to overwrite automatically, select Do Not Overwrite Events.

This means that the entry is valid only if all of the sets in the entry are true this link. 5000suppress_checkpointWhether or not the Event Log strictly follows the checkpointInterval setting when it saves a checkpoint. If set to true, the input uses the Event Logging API instead of the Windows Event Log API to read from the Event Log on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and higher installations.

Locate the error events at the time of the last BSOD. You can figure out the cause of the error with the help of the BSOD log file. Fortunately, Windows 10 stores such information in a sophisticated way, i.e., by creating a BSOD log file. But it doesn’t get stored in document or text form, which you can open and access directly. However, the solutions we’ve provided in this blog can help you locate the file and read it. Warning level events are based on particular events, such as a lack of storage space.