Once upon a time, if you wanted an aerial shot of anything, it took a helicopter and a lot of money. Now, you can capture high-quality footage from a bird’s eye view with the latest user-friendly drone technologies. Drone aerial video footage is sky-rocketing its way to the front lines of video marketing—and we are so here for it.  Why is drone videography doing so well online? It’s exciting. It’s different. It’s like….a movie! This captivating marketing trend is proving to be one hot commodity.  Here’s why aerial video is a must-have in your video marketing strategy. 

First-Class Content

Quality storytelling can be life-changing for your brand. Aerial videography takes this up a notch, adding more emotion, action, and depth to the story you’re creating for your customers. Many industries such as agriculture, landscaping, construction, real estate, security services, and insurance benefit greatly from aerial drone footage, as it can dynamically execute a range of tasks for your business including 3-D mapping, land surveys, virtual home, and land tours, vehicle inspections, and much more. 

Stand-Out on Social Media

Consuming 84 percent of internet traffic, video is a major leader online in every aspect.  On social media, video is the number one favorite type of content to see from businesses, with Instagram leading as the fastest-growing platform for conversion with video.  Aerial video marketing campaigns only enhance all of this—creating a buzz and enticing viewers to share and watch again and again. 

A Virtual Time-Saver 

Drone technology is literally a virtual time-saver and is by far safer and more efficient than renting a helicopter, hiring a pilot, logging flight plans, and waiting for prime time to get the perfect picture or video. What could potentially take hours and hours, even days for businesses to achieve, drone aerial video can capture in no time at all.  And time is definitely of the essence with its online success. In the real estate industry, homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images according to MLS Statistics.

The use of commercial drones is on the rise, and in turn, revolutionizing the aerial video marketing industry. Drones can capture details humans simply cannot, and for business owners, this is a game-changing quality. From raw aerial footage, to fully produced and edited content, drones will change how you do marketing forever. 

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