If your bounce rate is high (over 55% is on the high end), many of your site visitors are looking at your website and leaving—and fast.  Eight seconds to be exact. Surprisingly, approximately 50% of first-time visitors leave a website within the first 8 seconds. To conquer the dreaded 8-second-bounce-rate, the infrastructure, design and overall experience of your website might need a little TLC. Thanks to analytics, you can track this metric all the time and make the changes needed to enhance your website.  Here are some tips to avoiding the 8-second bounce rate altogether, and making your visitors stay, not go.

8 Seconds to Sell It

Your website should be completely transparent to anyone who can read. The overall content  should be the basis for your marketing approach, as it defines the purpose and message of your products or services. Review Tube experts suggest that the most important messaging should be front and center and what you do or sell should be very clear at first glance.  If the visitor can’t navigate through your website easily, it pushes them to move on to a competitor’s website. In those 8 precious seconds, your website has to give your visitors what they desire.

Capture with Content

Coupled with interactive content like videos and photos, your written content and the overall vibe it creates has the ability to crush the competition—it’s that important.  A dynamic content strategy that includes both digital and SEO-rich text is pivotal in motivating your visitors to stay on your site. Also, updating your video reviews and service pages, adding recent photos and refreshing your content each season are all attainable ways to earn a better bounce rate and avoid the 8-second bounce zone.

Speed Matters

If your website is slow, the people will go. It’s as simple as that.  Page Speed matters and if it’s too slow, it is detrimental to your bounce rate and overall analytics. The load time of your website plays a crucial role in your potential customer’s willingness to stay on their site. People don’t have the patience or time to wait in line, online. If your load time is long, companies such as ReviewTube can help evaluate the issue and get you back on track to a swift page speed.

Make it Easy

Make it easy for your potential customers to get where they want to go. To conquer the 8-second-bounce-rate, ensure your menu navigation is simple and user-friendly, and that your site is mobile-optimized.  Run through your website as if you were a visitor and ask friends and family to evaluate the overall easiness of navigating through the menu, finding information, and understanding the purpose and messaging.

These suggestions will help in the overall success of achieving a low bounce rate and attaining and retaining customers. However, to truly understand why your visitors want to leave your site within 8 seconds of seeing it, you must track and evaluate your website analytics consistently.

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