Video is the most influential tool in online marketing—and it’s staying power is strong.  So strong, that Cisco Systems expects video marketing to represent 82% of consumer internet traffic in the U.S. in a few years. Video drives results, but what kind of video should you do first?  To help you get inspired, we outlined our top 5 most marketable videos we (and everyone else!) want to watch.      

The Promotional Video

The promotional video (samples) is classic marketing at its finest.  And since 90% of potential customers will turn to the Internet to find out more about your business, the promotional video is an ideal choice for at least your first video.  Created to promote your brand and educate customers, the promotional video (usually only 30-60 seconds long) can make a lasting impression and is always relevant to post on every online platform.

The Video Review

Who doesn’t love a customer success story? Consumers want to feel inspired and connected to the products and services you provide.  A customer testimonial on camera is much more personal and tugs at the heartstrings. Relatively new to the popular marketing platform, the video review is the future of the traditional testimonial. 

The Company Vlog

A Vlog is a relevant and playful way to show a more engaging, fun side of your business. Just like the Blog, the Vlog is a series of consistent videos discussing industry topics and trends. You have control over the length of each video, so it can be quick creative clips or a few minutes to cover a specific service or “how-to” demo. 

The Company Culture Video

For both customers and employees, a company culture video is a refreshing way to bring-to-life the bond and comradery that helps shape your business. A happy workforce reflects a thriving and productive workplace, and people feed off that positive energy. This is another chance to be as creative as you want to showcase what makes your business stand out. 

85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. These top 5 video marketing ideas are just some of the many types of video marketing help drive results. They offer an inside look into your business—and for many consumers, transparency leads to trust. 

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