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Voice search popularity is growing stronger by the minute. And why wouldn’t it?  From teenagers to baby boomers, voice-enabled technology gives us easy access to online shopping, company and product research, booking reservations, and so much more. Check out these recent statistics compiled by tech experts at Review42:

  • 58% of people use voice search to find information about a local business. 
  • 51% of people who shop via voice use it to research products.
  • Nearly 5.5 million US adults make purchases with their smart speakers on a regular basis.
  • 28% of people go on to call the business they voice search for.
  • 52% of people who search by voice are interested in receiving info about deals, sales, and promotions from brands.

The stats prove one thing—that consumers like easy. They appreciate effortless technology where buying is not just at their fingertips anymore, but at the tip of their tongue. Whether it’s Google, Siri or Alexa (or others!), your voice-activated personal assistant is at your service to search anything you need and becomes your bestie in everyday decision-making. 

Website Voice Search

Even more exciting is website voice search intelligence such as Megellan. Magellan A.I. powered voice chat makes your existing website voice searchable with direct commands and questions, so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for, and quickly. Watch this video to get a better understanding of how much time Megellan can save in your search for the right business for your needs.

Optimize Your SEO for Voice 

Voice search is revolutionizing how customers engage with businesses. That’s why marketers should pay special attention to optimizing for voice search as well.  When we search something through typing, our language is different. Perhaps we use shorter key phrases and commas to separate. With voice chat, we are naturally inclined to to ask a question in a full sentence. The A.I. behind voice search is based on everyday speech. Focus on conversational keywords and build pages that answer common questions. 

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website is a simple way to optimize for voice search.  Build a page dedicated to answering common questions and problems in creative detail. Use question words like “When, How, Why, and Where” in your content. Then, answer them in a conversational manner to appeal to voice search (Search Engine Journal).  For more ideas on how to optimize, contact your SEO professional for guidance. 

This voice activated personal assistant becomes your bestie in everyday decision-making and it’s dramatically changing the way we find information. Whether it’s Megellan, Google, Siri or Alexa (or many others!), your voice enabled personal assistant is at your service 24/7 to search for anything you need. 

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