Business owners may say they experienced a significant slowdown or closure in 2020 and roofing is no exception. Contractors delayed commercial and large-scale projects due to COVID thus resulting in a decline for most building and maintenance industries. Despite these setbacks, industry research shows that residential roofing is bouncing back quickly. According to The Freedonia Group, the demand for roofing in the U.S. is projected to grow 0.2% per year and reach 253-million squares by 2024. This growth is attributed to increasing housing builds, replacing older roofs with durable products, and a growing interest in greener materials.

To take advantage of this increasing consumer demand, roofing contractors must find a way to effectively manage and market their business. Here are the top 5 industry trends to assist businesses and position themselves to generate leads, increase sales, and boost their online reputation.

Growing Roof Coating Market

New roof installation can be costly and businesses are budget conscious due to the effects of COVID. This makes roof maintenance important and there is a way for roofers to bring in business with another cost-effective material: coating. In an interview with Roofing Contractor, Henry Co.’s Director of National Accounts, Connor Campanella and Frank Laraia discuss the benefits of Roof Coating. Henry Co. is the largest roof restoration and repair manufacturer in North America.

Roof Coating is a fluid applied material that acts like paint, which fully adheres and seals the roof. It’s applied across hatches, pipes, roofs, and other equipment found on the rooftop. From new materials to applicators, Roof Coating has seen huge leaps in technological evolution, according to Laraia. These materials, like silicone, have elastic properties, meaning they can shrink and expand without tearing. Campanella says using materials like silicone is high quality, energy-saving, and cost-effective. Silicone is also water-proof and requires little maintenance. 

Roof Coating is a great opportunity because installation is not intensive, which cuts labor costs. Reusing the same material to restore rooftops is also environmentally friendly and reduces waste. Along with its list of benefits, Roof Coating is a growing industry. From 2020-2027, the CAGR for Roof Coating is expected to reach 6.5%.

Green Roofing Materials and Methods

Contractors are transitioning from traditional roofing materials to environmental-friendly products. Consumers and businesses are willing to pay for environmentally-safer roofing materials because their energy-saving benefits help reduce energy costs and ensures longer life spans. Types of greener roofing products to look into this year are metal tiles, solar panels, and cool and green roofs.

Online Reputation is Key 

Management software boosts productivity and improves efficiency on the worksite, which leads to better reviews from clients. Today, more than 90% of consumers scan the internet to find local businesses, so it’s imperative to have an online presence. You can boost your digital reputation with Google tools, reviews, and video.

To enhance your online reputation, start with verifying your business on Google. Most people search Google when they need a product or service. Creating a Google My Business page allows your company to link its website, location, and show star ratings to prospective clients. You can also track analytics to see how much traffic your website receives.

Positive reviews are a must when it comes to a great online reputation. In a recent survey, 82% of consumers say reviews are important to the roofing and contracting industry. People are relying more on their research than traditional word-of-mouth, so it’s important to have good reviews. You can gather reviews directly on your website from satisfied customers or urge them to leave comments on a third-party site. Both versions will promote legitimacy to your business. Make sure to respond to reviews promptly, because a recent report found 97% of people doing research online will read companies’ responses to reviewers. Another report showed 45% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to their negative reviews.

Online reviews aren’t always real and are sometimes planted by competitors or disgruntled employees. To combat this, video reviews show the reviewer’s face and emotion, which adds legitimacy to the content.

Roofing Software and Mobile Apps

Going paperless is the most effective way to track workflow and progress. It’s impossible to organize stacks of files, find information quickly for prospective and existing clients, and manage job sites. Roofing software and mobile apps will streamline processes and communication, which will free up a contractor’s time to prospect leads. 

CRM Software is a digital hub that houses all client interactions. You can manage projects, create estimates and invoices, and send materials to customers. Mobile apps are also an option that allows managers and crews to communicate, which helps track progress and monitor resources. With increased efficiency and productivity, contractors can allocate more time to lead generation.

Software applications have filters you can use to target prospective clients. Example filters include building location, age, and surface area. By customizing your search, you can attract and contact potential clients who are already interested in your project. High-quality leads will always benefit sales and CRM data and mobile apps will ensure that happens. Check out Pro Crew Schedule’s Roofing Professional Software for more information on CRM and mobile apps.

Use Video for Safety and Marketing

Videos are an engaging tool that helps build awareness, consideration, direction, and action for your business. According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl this year, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. There are different types of videos you can make to help nurture leads and conversions.

Drones are a great way to monitor safety and show service quality. Today’s cameras offer high-resolution images and video capabilities, which allows contractors to map and measure roofs more accurately. Images can also reveal potential hazards, so workers can safely find and fix issues. Businesses can also use these images as a marketing tool and post them on their website. Potential customers searching your business will see the work quality and help drive their decision to call for an inquiry. You can also share photos and videos on your social media pages and bid emails. 


The roofing industry is bouncing back from the effects of COVID-19 and the industry is seeing an uptick in residential projects. Consumers are looking for contractors who prioritize high-quality services, eco-friendly materials, and low installation costs. Businesses need to put themselves in the best position possible to generate sales and looking to these industry trends is a great start. Revamping your product lines, implementing user-friendly software, and boosting your online reputation will help keep you on track in 2021.

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