If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the internet is here to stay. The ongoing pandemic has forced people inside, causing the country’s consumer base to search online for the best in the Roofing Industry.  Although it was a volatile 2020, roofers have remained as busy as ever, and 2021 will be just as strong. 


As a result, the roofing industry is going all in, focusing their marketing efforts on implementing new digital techniques centered around the online consumer. Therefore, give yourself a competitive advantage with these three essential tactics to grow your business in 2021.


Video Marketing

It’s no question that video content is the most consumed form of media. If your business isn’t online, in video form, it’s time you got started. Online video consumption is on an upward trend, with 2021 numbers projecting only to rise. With people searching for businesses from a distance, consequently, this is the best way to build your brand identity. Whether it’s an overview video on your website promoting who you are as a company or daily video posts on your social media channels. Video engages your audience, fulfilling consumer-to-business interactions that waned from the pandemic. We suggest first, start with shooting videos of yourself on your job site.  Secondly, capture before and after shots of completed projects. Thirdly, get video reviews from satisfied customers, and most importantly, share these videos with everyone you know.  


Voice Search

Somewhat new for the industry, but a great place to get ahead of the competition is online voice search.  People want results and want them fast, so voice search has become the preferred search medium among ordinary consumers. Voice search assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri, allow consumers to search for preferential businesses, putting you in their list of top-rated companies. Voice Search powered AI tools such as ReviewTube’s Magellan enable visitors to a website to customize their search experience. The ease of use and quickness to providing answers to future potential customers is a popular trend that is sure to stick around.


SEO Optimization for Roofing Industry

Online search optimization is more critical than ever. Searchers are spending more time online; thus, being seen should be your number one priority. If you haven’t focused on optimizing your website for SEO, you may be in store for a potentially large payoff. Search Engine Optimization ensures your website gets indexed in search results based on different search queries. To do it well, focus on keyword-centric content that answers the needs of the searcher. How do you want to be identified by the searcher? Roofing Contractor? Roofing Company? Do you provide service within a specific geographic area or larger market area? Are you certified? The more you can put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, the more you’ll understand how you’ll rank and appear in online searches.

In conclusion, tried and tested digital marketing methods provide Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning companies a guideline for improving their digital marketing results. Be conscious of what’s working and what may not be working, so you can tweak your digital marketing strategy to get the best ROI.

ReviewTube has been helping businesses across North America to build their online reputation through engaging video, management of reviews, websites, and state-of-the-art AI-based services.  We take pride in telling a business’s story by knowing the industry, creating compelling video content, and offering full-service campaign management in a very competitive digital age for businesses.