As a Roofing Contractor, the goal of marketing and advertising is to build awareness around your company and to generate new leads. If you are new to marketing, this can be challenging. Because you need to focus most of your time on your business, don’t overcomplicate your strategy. Doing too much will lead you down a path and consume more time and energy than needed. Keep your strategy simple by tapping into what you already know. And that’s engaging your clients to leverage your word-of-mouth.

Increase Face Time

Start by increasing your face time. Rather than sending an email or talking on the phone, build a personal connection with your clients. Make a point to be face-to-face as much as possible throughout the duration of your process. Building a close relationship will create a lasting impact that will pay off in the long run. Why? Because your clients will come to appreciate you for being dedicated to building that business-client relationship. Don’t hesitate to drop previous clients a line to check up on your completed work. Showing this type of care will create lifelong clients and help to build a positive word of mouth. 

Be Mindful of Your Reputation

Stay on top of your reputation by asking clients for a review. New clients like to get a sense of who you are, your quality of work, and the level of integrity that you hold your business. Hearing from existing clients is the best way to do that. Existing clients know you and know you’re business. After you’ve completed a job, simply ask the client for a business review. Whether for Google, Yelp, or any other review platform, controlling and maintaining your online reputation will help to keep that new client revenue stream steady.

Monitor your online reputation closely. Most review platforms allow you as the business owner to respond. Respond to reviews quickly, in a mature and professional manner, and make it clear that the reviewer is free to contact you directly.  Next, be sure to comment on both positive and negative reviews. This shows your commitment to your business and attention to your consumer’s concerns and feedback.

Utilize the Power of Video

Word-of-mouth is your best form of marketing and advertising as a roofing contractor. To get the most impact from your word-of-mouth utilize the power of video. There is one big difference between words and video. The difference is that there is anonymity around written reviews. Real or not, readers aren’t able to fully believe written words on the screen. Any reviewer can go online and post fake reviews about a business to either boost or deflate a reputation. Genuineness exists in seeing a real person, speak real words. You can’t fake real. And, it’s become easier than ever to capture professional video in today’s technological age. Leverage your word-of-mouth by recording business reviews on video, being sure to post to your website for your consumer traffic to see.

Maximize Your Digital Storefront

Your website is your business’s digital storefront. And it’s no question that people like to do their homework. The majority of your prospective audience will search you online before committing to your business. Posting video reviews from satisfied customers can influence and sway consumer decisions. Maximize that opportunity by putting those video reviews front and center on your website for your visitors to see. Ensure that your website is mobile optimized. Your online audience is split into mobile and desktop users. Once those video reviews are posted, make sure they show up clearly on both mobile and desktop screens.

What’s next for your roofing contractor business?

There are plenty of accessible marketing tools to help your business generate new clients. Most require a little bit of knowledge, background, and skill to successfully pull off. Utilize what you know, and who you know, and leverage your word-of-mouth. Word-of-Mouth will always be your best form of marketing and advertising. Rather than extending yourself beyond your normal skillset, leverage your existing clients and attract new business by building a digital video review portfolio to showcase your reputation.

ReviewTube has been helping businesses across North America to build their online reputation through engaging video, management of reviews, websites, and state-of-the-art AI-based services.  We take pride in telling a business’s story by knowing the industry, creating compelling video content, and offering full-service campaign management in a very competitive digital age for businesses.


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