Lewis General Tire, a family-owned and operated business (and our ReviewTube Client Spotlight!), has a distinguished reputation in the Tire and Automotive industry. Serving the Rochester communities for over 100 years, this four-generational business is known for its superior customer service and high-quality products. So, when President Craig Lewis and his family learned about ReviewTube and the Video Review, they were excited for the opportunity to try this innovative idea for their online visitors.

Video Review Shows Real Results

A relatively newer product in the digital marketplace, the Video Review is a fresh take on the traditional customer testimonial and a more personal way of sharing your customer’s experiences. Lewis states, “You can hide behind a text review, but you can’t hide behind your own face in front of the camera—so you’re going to get more genuine reviews.”  Not only did he get genuine reviews from customers, but he also received positive results online.  “We have the ReviewTube Player on our website, so when new customers go to our website, they can see the video reviews…and then having the video content on there has also helped our search engine optimization and we’re moving up the rankings faster.” Lewis knows that video is hugely influential online and feels that “in this competitive world, it’s best to stay on top of your marketing, and the Video Review will be a permanent part of our marketing strategy.” 

“Reviewing” Never Looked So Good

As President, Craig Lewis understands just how powerful a review is to a company’s reputation—it can build or break trust. While written reviews are still very influential, the legitimacy of the review is oftentimes questionable. Lewis reveals, “The power of the video review is that it’s the closest you can get to word of mouth, whereas a written review can be anybody behind those words.”

You can’t fake real reviews—and Lewis is seeing a very positive impact of the video review first-hand. “The response we’re getting so far from customers has been pretty outstanding.” Lewis was especially impressed with the process during the covid pandemic, as the ReviewTube team was (and still is!) very adaptable. Instead of filming customers on-site, they filmed via Zoom or Review Cast when necessary. The entire process filming was simple and convenient, making the experience worry-free for all parties involved.

72 percent of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video, and the Video Review offers a fresh outlook on businesses from the people that matter the most—the customers.  The authenticity of a video review is invaluable and will take your business to the next level.  As Lewis exclaims, “the video review is the review of the future,” and is an incredible opportunity for all business owners. 

Thank you for reading about Lewis General Tire—ReviewTube Client Spotlight! ReviewTube helps businesses across North America to build their online reputation through engaging videos, management of reviews, websites, and state-of-the-art AI-based services.  We take pride in telling a business’s story by knowing the industry, creating compelling video content, and offering full-service campaign management in a very competitive digital age for businesses.