Have you started strategizing for the summer season? Your future customers are already making to-do lists and pondering who to hire for their summertime projects. Don’t worry, you still have time! The perfect way to wake up sleepy sales is through video marketing.  Whether you’re filming on your cell phone or using video professionals, the content should reflect the season.  If you’ve dabbled in video marketing, it’s time for a video refresh! And, if you’ve never created a video for your business, here’s your chance to shine.

Capture the Spirit of the Season

In the summer, people feel a sense of nostalgia, especially now more than ever. They want to make memories, bask in the sun, eat good food, entertain, and enjoy their personal surroundings. Tap into the spirit of summer and create fun, positive and educational clips that reflect these feelings.  Use the outdoors as your backdrop and play around with the natural lighting, capturing the essence of summer in your local area. Create mini-stories surrounding your products or services with solutions to common problems or tips and tricks to help people. 

This is the perfect time to create how-to videos, walk your online viewers on a tour of your job site or workshop, or take a bigger leap and answer viewer questions on a Facebook or Instagram live video.  Your customers want to engage with you, and video is the perfect medium for that.

Establish Trust

Many businesses invest in professional explainer videos or promotional videos to educate people about their business. Break these down into smaller clips and create a series of videos, use them all summer long on your website and social media pages.  Show off recent projects, explain what you do for your customers, and teach us about your services or products.  Once people see your knowledge and passion with their own eyes, credibility and trust is established. And, that means interest and, eventually, sales. 

Refresh Videos Every Season! 

All marketing needs a refresh each season, especially video. It’s important to keep video content current and relevant for your seasonal customers. Keep an ongoing list of ideas for video content and film them any chance you get. From shorter, informal clips to professional videos, each type is important to expand your customer base and promote your business. Learn more about the types of video marketing to use for your business! 

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