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How we track biz in 2 ways. 1. Front Door (drop down) visual example. Need screenshot from AE – Stacey to get.

  1. How capture reviews? We have ~10 different ways. 
    • BirdEye Text reviews – connect software to client’s CRM system. Auto text & email generated and sent to customer walking them through how to post or record review, comes from the actual business ← show this. Show, but don’t mention BirdEye software.
    • RT App – record authentic review, easily sent to website, SM and GMB — Zeke might have it on phone
    • We call, schedule and record Zoom reviews. 
    • Custom comment cards with checkboxes, self addressed. Stacey get example 
    • Review Hotline Cards. 
    • Next Steps + Video Testimonials about CGI 
      • Kansas City – 3 good clients – Tony, Hankin & Hickman 
      • Are any of the RT video reviews that are good enough?
      • Next Clients who get reputation management (that don’t mention NEXT) 
      • Reviews of production, video, website. 
      • 1. Set up Google Call. Start up meeting. – Stacey is concerned with lacking urgency
  1. Price page – needs updating, reducing content. – Create “leave behind” version of this page. 
    • Bullet points – update
      • Dont like wording “Customer Survey”
      • Section title: Tracking
        1. Move Elec receptionist: customer survey software (smaller emphasis) under “tracking” 
    • Show Gold & platinum price points. Consider changing names: Accredited Business (=gold) Nonaccredited Business (=platinum, match gold – remove video, add accreditation for 1 year)
    • Getting control of GMB 
    • We do more than just GMB, protect your reputation on every platform (yelp, citysearch, etc.) 
    • Video Review graphic
    • Have a team assigned to their account – you don’t have to worry about all details 
    • BBB logo
    • You get my personal contact information. Any solicitations get sent to us for consult. We’re a 1 stop shop for marketing. 
      • Dont need many. Moved bunch to footer of whole presentation
      • Contact Us – Z & S emails and phone numbers



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