The demand for residential construction is not as high in 2021—but that’s not due to lack of work. With new safety precautions due to Covid-19, high lumber costs, and a shortage of skilled and reliable sub-contractors, the waitlist for residential construction and remodeling is long–real long.  Yet, even with these setbacks, the construction industry still thrives in the recovering economy.  In fact, 15,400 net jobs resurfaced this past fall. The future of the home builder industry is bright, with an emergence of new trends to boost business at the job site and online. 

New Safety Precautions

Safety is a necessity, not a trend. Yet, due to the pandemic, new regulations among the home builder industry are implemented daily. In addition to providing sanitizing stations and requiring facial masks, The Department of Labor encourages home builders to eliminate the risk of covid exposure by creating safety barriers inside workspaces and access to good airflow as well as perform a thorough job hazard analysis every day to determine risk factors and reduce exposure and liability. Strict covid safety measures are here to stay, but will hopefully become a trend of the past. In the meantime, contractors and builders alike should inform clients about what specific covid precautions they are taking to ensure a risk-free job site. One way to communicate this is through a professional video published to your website and social media platforms, which in turn, can positively impact and boost your online presence dramatically. 

Drones & Aerial Footage

The industry is using drone aerial footage more than ever, as it captures the most stunning photos and video—perfect for an online portfolio, video review, or promotional video. Remote technology, like the drone, continues to be a dynamic trend for the home building industry. Contractors use drones to show homeowners a visual update of their project remotely and to simply speed up the entire home-building process altogether. Drones take crucial information from the job site and send it to your computer via drone software making the process much more efficient. From hazard analysis, mapping, land surveys, property appraisals, and inspections, to overall personal safety, the drone is revolutionizing the way we do business on the job site and even online.  The drone is proving year after year to be invaluable in the construction industry and a cool trend that keeps on giving.

Back-Yard Pools

2021 is already making big waves for the pool industry according to the Swimming Pool Construction Industry Market Research Report.  As the economy continues to heal from the covid pandemic and as springtime emerges, staycations at home continue. The demand for hardscape, hot tubs, pools, and accessories is at an all-time high, with the home builder industry growth expanding rapidly. According to members of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, over half of them have contracts scheduled as far out as 2022 and new outdoor spaces including pools are the waves of the future. 

Function & Comfort in the Home

Perhaps a more popular home building industry trend for 2021 is mastering the art of functional and comfortable design. Reimagined spaces for 2021 include timeless and mood-inspiring interiors such as natural, earthy wall paint colors, organizational solutions, durable fabrics, smart lighting, edible gardens, and multipurpose spaces. The emergence of the newly inspired home-office is also on-trend, creating a place of peace and comfort as we continue to work from home.  According to experts at Good Housekeeping, interior experts expect trends in 2021 to be all about comfort, versatility, nature and connectivity. Many home builders work directly with interior designers and could greatly benefit from adding fresh new design and architectural content to their website to help inspire a customer’s vision. 

Living Concrete

Living concrete is causing a monster of a buzz.  Known as “Frankenstein Material” due to its unusual green hue when wet and reproductive characteristics (it repairs its own cracks!) living concrete is created using cyanobacteria that captures energy through Photosynthesis and is bound by gelatin. This, in turn, creates a living, self-healing, sustainable option for concrete for all kinds of structures. Is this a viable trend? We hope so. According to the New York Times., living concrete could potentially revolutionize the commercial and home building industry and lead to more exciting sustainable creations. 

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