Not appearing at the top of a search engine results page? Consider an enhanced search listing in a business directory from a local organization.

First, allow me to build you a scenario. You’re a long-standing business in town. You’ve grown an immense local following from years of commitment to your craft. You’ve kept up on the latest industry trends and you have every certification you need.

There’s another business in town, someone who’s less reputable, less tenured, and less professionally competent. This business doesn’t practice the same common industry standards that you’ve dedicated your career to. This business is your direct competition.

Your business is comfortable, but you want to grow. You want to grow to a larger audience and new demographic and you feel like you’ve done everything to show up better online.

  1. You’ve fully optimized your website.
  2. You’ve produced video content for your business.
  3. You’ve gathered client testimonials, preferably video reviews.
  4. You’ve set up and maximized your Google My Business page.

Yet, your search rank still doesn’t live up to the local reputation you’ve created. You are being outranked and overshadowed by your business competitor. This may sound quite familiar for many small and medium-sized businesses across the national local landscape. Being outranked by a less reputable, competing business is actually quite common in local online searches.

Experts continually preach patience to increase your search rank. So, try to stay patient. In the meantime, turn to other local business directories to see if you can enhance your business’s search listing. Whether your local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Group, or Business Association, many organizations have online business directories that consumers access. These localized directories provide ample opportunities for you to be placed right at the top of industry search lists.

Much like a Google Ad, any enhanced directory listing will get you the attention you seek, placing you at the top of search results. Getting premium placement will give your targeted consumer base easy access to your website, rating, video commercial, and contact information; everything one would need to make an informed decision to choose your business as their business choice. Whether appearing within the top result positions or a sidebar placement ad, an enhanced listing can increase the number of times your business may appear in search results, increasing your business visibility.

This is important, as the average consumer won’t go past the first 5 listings. So, appearing at the top can help YOU overshadow the competition.

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