Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to define your new online seasonal goals. And, because of Covid, your priorities might have changed a bit.  A seasonal digital update is just what your business needs to make a fresh start and recover from the craziest year ever. Timing is of the essence!

Before we brainstorm, think about your one main marketing seasonal goal for the summer besides boosting sales.  Perhaps you might want to reach a new demographic of customers.  Or, maybe you want to try out new kinds of marketing like video or social campaigns!  It could also be to perform a complete digital makeover. 

Whether your goals are big or small, it’s all about connecting with customers. So, ask yourself, how can they benefit from your services or products over the course of the summer? And, what problems can you help them solve during the sunny season? Let’s get started! 

Set SMART Seasonal Goals

As you begin to think about your new  goals for the summer, I like to use the SMART acronym to help create specific goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. This acronym works for every season, every strategizing session, as it sets the foundation for each goal. Use those ideas and break them down to match specific digital seasonal goals. 


Perhaps one of your goals is to add more recent photos of projects and update content on your website to inspire a new customer base for the summer. How does that goal reflect the SMART method?, Let’s break it down. Updating photos and content is pretty specific. Maybe go a bit further and update content and photos on your social media as well. Make it even more specific and do a basic content Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of all your content. Your goal is specific and you’re ready to move forward. Check! 


Next, how can that goal be measurable? Once you update your site and social with optimized content, check your analytics to see if there is more traffic to your website and social.  How long are people staying on the pages with new content? Is your new content getting new “shares,” “likes,” or “comments” on your social platforms? Hopefully, you see this happen organically after a week or two.  But, Analytics is a total game-changer, and if you don’t have measurable data, it’s difficult to strategize. 


Is this goal attainable? Absolutely. Jot down who can help you achieve it. Is it you? A digital marketing professional? A friend with SEO knowledge and website experience?  Regardless, the goal should be attainable, and if it’s not, the goal is not practical at that moment until you have the resources to help. 


Think about why your goal is relevant for summertime. For this one goal in particular, updating photos and content is something you should really do every season! Especially now, with new summer trends and inspiring moments happening  in your specific industry as I write this!  So, this will always be relevant, as long as the content and photos are seasonally telling. But, if you set a goal that reflects a product or service most people want or need  in the winter time, then it’s obviously not going to align with the summer season.  


Luckily, updating content is an easier digital goal one can achieve efficiently. Choose the best, most inspiring photos or video if you have it, write fresh new posts and headlines that reflect that summertime vibe, and then upload your photos. Make sure photos have a high resolution for the web. If your goal will take longer than the season itself, the goal might be too broad or time-consuming. 

An organizational strategy method like the SMART goal setting method helps define your goals and make them more meaningful for every season. Since summer is right around the corner, take the time define your goals for next season using a simple process like this that is achievable for any small business. 


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